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What characteristics are typical of the people who tend to work with me?


I’ve worked with accomplished individuals who are diplomats, award-winning directors, actors, authors and songwriters, concert artists, and many other individuals from diverse occupations.  What all of these individuals have in common is that they have encountered obstacles, they are seeking to make a change in their lives, and they are looking for support.  These people have and are benefiting from my skills to help them set goals, solve problems and make changes.  Yet, no matter what life work someone has, my clients tend to share similar characteristics.  If when you look at these qualities and you feel that they fit you well, you are likely someone with whom I could work well.


“What makes Marie Margenau-Spatz so effective as a coach is her ability to listen not only with her mind, but also with her heart.”

M.C., Boston, MA


Client Characteristics


Open-Minded - You are able to think through things from various perspectives, and you are open to new ideas.  You love to learn.


Value Integrity and Genuineness – You are an honest person, representing yourself in a sincere fashion.  You are down to earth and authentic.


Hard Worker – You are committed to success. You do what you say you will do, and sometimes more, never less.


Team Work and Excellence – You value mutually supportive relationships.  The more we get to know each other, the more productive our alliance becomes.  As a group member, you do your share and you work for the success of the group.


Self-Starter – When we come up with action steps, you take responsibility for what you commit to. You use a coach mainly for support, accountability, holding your agenda, feedback, and remembering what is most important to you.


What does The Change Works Coaching stand for?


CCourage and Commitment.  In the words of W.H. Murray: “Until one is committed there is always hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness…(Yet) the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too…A whole stream of events issue from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man would have dreamt would come his way.”


H – Happiness and the Flow State comes from the act of making a commitment.  You find that you are using your strengths and you are achieving a state of transcendence as you engage in those activities which you value and love.


A – Attitude, Alignment with Purpose and Values, Action.  When you are aligned with your greatest values and have cleaned and cleared your attitudes so they sparkle, so do you, and Action organically flows.


N – No (and Yes).  Change involves having good boundaries.  Know what you are saying “no” to, and what you are saying “yes” to.  Making decisions takes responsibility; and, therefore, you experience that having choice is really about having freedom.


G – Goals.  What, exactly, do you want to accomplish, dream of accomplishing? And in what areas?  e.g. professional, physical, intimacy, financial, spirituality, fun?  We work together to help you realize your dreams.


E – Energy, Enjoyment, Excellence, Empowerment.  When Einstein discovered the equation for transforming matter into energy (a definite sign that The Change Works), it was a blast!



What is the process of The Change Works Coaching?

First I help you begin to uncover who you are by using various inventories to assist us in shedding light on what your preferences are, how you characteristically operate in the world, and where your natural strengths are.  For example, by using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, we can get a better feeling of what your needs are, and how you filter the world.  We also may use the Enneagram, which helps us understand which, of nine principle ways, you interface with others, e.g., are you an Achiever, Helper, Peacemaker, Reformer etc.?  And we also assist you in discovering your authentic, natural strengths, called your Signature Strengths.  They’re so “you,” that you’d be ready and willing to sign your name to them.  You will find that your strengths, which sometimes may have gone unrecognized, will now assist you to be and to become more resourceful in your interactions, because you know that you are drawing on qualities that you can own as you and as yours.


I also want to help you identify and map out your goals.  Decide what goals are most important for you to accomplish first.  And then we use the magic of the Japanese: “Microscopic changes consistently applied lead to great change.”  Phillip Crosby, the American business philosopher has said: “Change should be a friend.  It should happen by plan, not by accident.”


We also look at your challenges.  What negative beliefs, circumstances or feelings might be slowing you down?  I did my doctoral dissertation on Fear of Success and Fear of Failure.  I know how to assist you in dealing with these challenging parts of you.


How does coaching work?


This cooperative venture works best when you and I set regular appointments.  In order to maintain focus and honor your commitments, continuity is necessary.  While some clients who are in the same geographical area might prefer to meet with me face-to-face, in fact, most coaching takes place on the telephone.  Coaching is now Virtual; it is not limited to geographical area.  I am working with people in Israel, Thailand, Italy, and throughout the United States.


Coaching sessions usually range from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the Client’s requirements.  It’s easy for clients to telephone from their offices or home without the inconvenience of travel.  The days and times for coaching are scheduled at least monthly, with the Client telephoning his/her Coach on the scheduled day and at the agreed-upon time.  For example, if you contracted to spend two 30-minute sessions with me each month, I would reserve the designated time exclusively for you.  You would initiate each call and pay for any long-distance charges.


Most coaches working with individuals charge between $200 – 600 per month for a 30-minute call per week.  Executive coaches charge more and some clients work with a coach for an hour or two per week.  It often works out to around $125 to $200 per session.  Obviously, corporate coaching is more expensive, often running twice as high per hour or $1000 to $10,000 per month.


I will fax or email you a template of a Call Focus Form.  Before our call you would return the completed form to me with a description of what you want us to focus on during our session.  That way, we can get right to work on your goals and objectives, with me holding and helping you forward your agenda, brainstorming new approaches, and giving you clear feedback and acknowledgement.


My coaching style is a balance of directive (or active) and non-directive (receptive).  My Signature Strengths include: perspective (wisdom); loving and being loved; teamwork; kindness; leadership.  I am also quite intuitive and have fun using my playfulness and my sense of humor to add to the mutual enjoyment of our work together.


"Marie Margenau-Spatz is dedicated to assisting people to create a clear vision of the very best they can be and helping them to attune to, connect with and become that self." 

Steven Goldstone, NLP Trainer/Hypnotherapist




How do I get started?

If you would like to explore if The Change Works Coaching is right for you, please feel free to contact me to schedule an initial call.  I am also committed to getting the right coach for you, and so I will refer to others if I feel some one else is a better match for you.  You may use the information below to contact me, and/or use the contact form on the site to schedule an initial call.


Dr. Marie Margenau-Spatz, Ph.D.

Tel.  212-757-5755 or 914-963-1636





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