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                                  Marie Margenau-Spatz, Ph.D.


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Making Change Last. Making Change First.



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MANAGING MEN TELE-GROUP Flyer & Form Files For Download

Click here to go to the Workshops & Special Events page to find download links for Tele-Group flyer, registration and credit card pre-authorization forms in Adobe PDF format near the bottom of that page.


Coaching & Psychotherapy Forms For Download

Coaching Forms Adobe PDF

Coaching Agreement & Informed Consent PDF
Personal Info Fact Form PDF
Corporate Client Profile PDF
  Pillars Of A Balanced Life
Pillars Goals Assessment Form
Pillars Goals Assessment Form Example


Performance Awareness Appraisal Form PDF
Primary Goals Focus Form PDF

Coaching Forms & Psychotherapy Forms Adobe PDF

Credit Card Pre-Authorization Form Coaching / Psychotherapy Services PDF

Psychotherapy Forms Adobe PDF




Patient Intake Form PDF
Burns Inventory & Answer Sheet PDF
Keirsey Questionnaire PDF


Keirsey Answer Sheet PDF
Keirsey 16 Personality Types PDF
Four Dimensions of Myers & Jung PDF

Psychotherapy Forms Adobe PDF



Informed Consent & Agreement for Psychotherapy PDF
Notice of Psychologist's Policies & Practices PDF
Patient's Request for Confidential Communications PDF






Authorization for Disclosure of PHI Form PDF
General Release & Office Policy PDF
Informed Consent, Agreement Psychotherapy Assignment of Medical Benefits PDF


Useful Links For Making Change Work

Please click on the text to go to the home page for the desired link below. (Website addresses may change, so pardon me if any links supplied are no longer correct.)

Assessment Tools

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: Personality Inventory for assessment. By using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator we can get a better feeling of what your needs are, and how you filter the world.

Enneagram: This helps us understand which, of 9 principle ways, you interface with others, e.g., Are you a Achiever, Helper, Peacemaker etc.

Authentic Happiness:  Developed by Martin E. P. Seligman, Signature Strengths Survey is a tool for discovering your authentic, natural strengths.  Knowing what your signature strengths are will assist you in becoming more resourceful in your interactions because you know that you are drawing on qualities that you can own as you and as yours.

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