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Managing Men
Secrets For Creating Powerful Alliances

Who: Marie MargenauSpatz, Ph.D. is a professional coach specializing in relationships, and managing men. You're invited to participate in a group for women onManaging Men.

COUPLES! WOMEN. MEN. You do not have to wait for groups to form or group dates to arrive before working with me individually or as a couple.

The groups are created to help women accomplish thriving, win-win relationships with the men in their lives. Offered in 2 formats: In-Person Group,Wednesday evenings in Westchester, NY; Tele-Group,Wednesday afternoons conveniently on a bridge-line.

"I am so grateful for my profound experience in Dr. Marie Margenau-Spatz's teleclass. Marie's expertise and gentle guidance enabled me to have a breakthrough in an area of my life that had been blocking me for years. The passion that Marie exudes combined with her insight, provided the perfect environment for healing to occur."RCW, Life Coach, Philadelphia, PA

What: It will include topics such as:

What do I want more of? What do I want less of?

Who am I in relationship, and what works best for me? Who am I dealing with, and what makes him tick (and not explode or turn off)?

Aligning body, mind and spirit.

Learning to balance being self-oriented and other-oriented. Learning to create better boundaries.

Creating a "treasure map" of the triggers, values, behavioral responses of the man or men in your life (e.g., life partner, co-worker, family member).

Creating win-win relationships: How to get more of your 6 basic needs met. How to access and provide moreof the man's 6 basic needs. Learning what works (and what doesn't work) in managing men. 5 ways to get positive/loving responses from men. 10 mistakes for women to avoid. 7 ways to keep your EQ (Enjoyment Quotient).

When: Join either group on Managing Men.

The In-Person Group is offered on three (3)Wednesday evenings for 90 minutesfrom 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM (ET). Call or email to sign-up.

The nextTele-Group is offered on Wednesday afternoonsfor three (3) sessions from 1:00 PM to 1:59 PM (ET) Call or email to sign-up. Participate from the convenience of your own home or choice of location by calling a bridge-line (to be given to youafter completingregistration), which is as simple as making a telephone call.

How: The total cost for the In-Person Group is only $114. ($38. per 90 minute class). The total cost for the Tele-Group is $114. ($38. per 59 minute class). Registration in advance is required. You are entitled to a full refund if you decide to withdraw after the first class.

Registration: Visit me at to download registration and credit card pre-authorization forms in Adobe PDF format.

Registration is a pre-requisite for admission in both In-Person and Tele-Groups. Or, call Dr. Marie Margenau-Spatz, Ph.D. at Tel. 212-757-5755 or 914-963-1636, or email at

To Register for the In-Person Group, pleasecontact Marieusing one of the above methods.

To Register for the Tele-Group, please follow the instructions below.

Instructions: After downloading the form files from my website (forms in Adobe's Acrobat PDF format available below),

1. Fill out both the Registration Form and the Credit Card Pre-Authorization Form. Be sure to download the appropriate credit card form as there are different forms for the In-Person Group and the Tele-Group.

2. Send the completed forms as follows:

a. Email the Registration Form to or fax to 914-963-3336 (available 24/7).

b. Fax the completed Credit Card Pre-Authorization Form (all sections must be completed)to 914-963-3336.

3. If this is your first time working with me, I will contact you by telephone to schedule a brief chat to discuss what you might like to accomplish in the Tele-Group. This helps to maintain the integrity of the group.

4. After I invite you to join us, then, you may purchase a space in the Tele-Group by email or fax. To purchase a space for In-Person or Tele-Group easily and securely, download a Credit Card Pre-Authorization Form, complete it and email to me at or fax the form to 914-963-3336. To purchase by fax: Your faxed Credit Card Pre-Authorization Form information will be processed by us for payment.

"I'd like to say how valuable all this has been. Our weekly format gave me a real sense of ambition. In the best sense of the word. I've learned a lot about the importance of setting longer-term goals and living with them as both friends and provocateurs. There is also something about all of this which has deepened my belief in myself as an artist, and has given me a lot of strength and patience in the more difficult times" C.C., Artist, New York City

Where: Location for the In-Person Group will be furnished after registration is completed. Location for the Tele-Group is a bridge-line number and pin code given to you after registration is completed.

Information & RSVP contact information: Call Dr. Marie Margenau-Spatz, Ph.D. at Tel.212-757-5755 or914-963-1636,or Email

Download Flyer & Forms For Managing Men In-Person&Tele-Group Flyers and Registration & Credit Card Pre-Authorization Forms for In-Person & Tele-Groups in Adobe PDF format, please find the link to download near the bottom of this page.

Group size is limited. Your payment reserves your spaceand insures you can attend.

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Marie & Richard


The form files below are available for download to make it convenient for you to take action so that you may learn more about my workshops, in-person & tele-groups; begin the registration process; reduce the number of requests for necessary information and hasten the process. Confidentiality is maintained. Email addresses are not sold or made available for use to others.

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Managing Men In-Person Group Registration Form PDF
Managing Men Tele-Group Registration Form PDF






Managing Men In-Person Credit Card Pre-authorization Form PDF
Managing Men Tele-Group Credit Card Pre-authorization Form PDF

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